Assembling a Boat Hoist and Dock – Time Lapse


Assembling a Boat Hoist and Dock in this video.
A time lapse video of putting a dock in the lake and assembling a boat hoist / shore station. It is aluminum and took about 2.5 hours.

Smart Homes – The Future or a Dream?

Smart Home automation is possible, but is it worth it? Does it have any value and can it really save you money.

Z-Wave Technology

The most popular way of networking your devices is by using what is called “Z-Wave” technology. Which in simple terms is low strength Wi-Fi that simply connects your devices together and allows them to talk to a “Bridge” or “Gateway” that connects to your router or internet connection connecting your devices to the web. There are several different manufacturers of bridges that all make their own components and applications and each has some pros and cons.

Tips on Making Moving Process With Children Easy

Moving happens to be one the biggest source of stress. Moving with children can prove to be an additional stress. Children due to their age require consistency. Moving to a new place throws them off. Usually they react by acting up, undergo mood swings and become emotional. However, moving with the help of these tips will help alleviate the problems.

Top Tips For Woodworking Projects

Always wear safety equipment like safety glasses, ear protection muffs. Wear clothes and gloves suited for a woodworking shop. Avoid loose-fitting clothes or thin materials that can get caught under tools. Remove chains, bracelets and other dangling jewelery before entering the wood shop.

You Might Not Need to Hire a Professional Painter – Paint Over That Wallpaper!

Thinking about hiring a painter for your home? You might not need to if this is your situation! Wallpaper taints the walls of many homes making them look a bit dated and “vintage” in a not-so-good way; learn how to paint right over that wallpaper without worry. It’s much cheaper than hiring a local painter to come in, remove the wallpaper, and then paint the walls (plus charging you for the damage that they did to your walls from removing the wallpaper).

Watch this video to learn How to Take Out a Hoist and Dock.

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