Boot / Shoe Laces (make for free)

100′ Paracord …………………………
Heat Shrink Tubing …………………
All Black Tubing ……………………..

Paracord Laces ……………………..
96″ Boot Laces ………………………

My snow boots were in desperate need of new laces. But when i went online, the cheapest 96″ laces i could find were $18. Then i saw that people were using paracord to make their own laces. For the ends they were using heat shrink tubing.

Since i already had both of those things, i was able to make new laces for my boots for free. And i found out that they were stronger than the original laces.

One thing i learned while making them was that the heat shrink itself will not hold it on the paracord. I needed to add hot glue before shrinking the tubing.

But overall the laces work great and are super strong. I would say they are the best laces you can not buy.

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