Broken Microwave (fix GE & Whirlpool)

Parts I Bought:
Fuse (20A 250V) …………………………….
Micro Switch (NO) …………………………..
Micro Switch (NC) …………………………..
Micro Switch (COM) ………………………..

3 Pack – Switch – NO, NC, COM ………..
This is a great idea, it has one of each type of switch you might need.

Relay ……………………………………………..

These are the 3 main reasons why your microwave stopped working. These fixes apply to any model of microwave, not just the GE or Whirlpool. The easiest fix is to replace the fuse. Next is the very common door error, that involves replacing one of 3 micro switches. The final and most complex fix is the F1E4 error which involves replacing a relay on the circuit board.

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