DIY Concrete Bluetooth speaker

DIY Concrete Bluetooth speaker

Build this Concrete Bluetooth speaker, a perfect project for desk setup. This is also a fun project to do with the kids, get creative, and build something.
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Materials List
• (1) – Small sheet of melamine
• (1) – Rockler stereo Speakers kit
• (1) – Small piece of 1/4in plywood
• (2) – 2’ PVC Pipe cap
• (1) – (2in long) PVC pipe Schedule 40
• (1) – Small piece of walnut lumber
• (1) – Rapid set cement all(fast setting cement) Note this is optional can use other cement
• (1) – Flow control
• (-) – Styrofoam (3/4in took from shipping package)
• (-) – Aluminum or duct tape
• (-) – Silicone (black)
• (1) – Krazy glue for wood (fast DRY)
• (1) – Wire mesh
• (1) – Hot glue
• (1) JB Weld (bonder for the wood and cement)

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