Diy Murphy Bed Build – Wall bed Hack Without the Hardware Kit

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In this video, I show how to make a custom Murphy bed for my office space. Hidden bed with storage
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I gave in and agreed to share my office space as the guest room. We don’t have visitors that often so two to three weeks a year without my office shouldn’t be that bad. The Murphy bed is a great way to save space. So this will work out perfectly. I’ll eventually have to build my office area in the closet, this will just make things more convenient for me. All I would have to do is close the door. This will be done in a future video

– unfortunately, I don’t have any plans it was sketched. This will be a priority on my to-do list.
– A typical Murphy bed kit cost around $300.00 I took a cheaper route
– The materials to build this bed cost me around $360.00

Materials for a full-size mattress
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6 – 2 by 4 (Home Depot – 845000)
2 – Boat Seat Swivel
5 – Pine Plywood (Home Depot – Sku -175171)
2- 1×3 select pine (Home Depot – Sku -922022)
11 – 1×2 select pine (Home Depot – Sku -921659)
Roller Catch
Pull handle
Drawer Slider

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