How to Change Struts on a Car


How to Change Struts on a Car in this video.

Monroe Quick-Struts for Pontiac Grand Prix (Left):
Monroe Quick-Struts for Pontiac Grand Prix (Right):

More instructions, pictures and video here:
This is a time lapse video of changing the rear struts on my 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. This was the seconds side, it only took 45 minutes.

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The Reasons To Build Your DIY Hydroponic System

Hydroponic stores are full of complicated and interesting hydroponic systems that provide several ways of watering your plants. Ranging from simple ebb n flow all the way to aeroponic myster systems developed by NASA. The only problem for a new grower is that they are sometimes very complex and they tend to cost a lot of money. As for the experienced grower, these systems don’t tend to offer very much personalization. Seasoned growers may have a room size that doesn’t embrace the systems measurement and unfortunately what you see is what you get most times. This problem is compounded by a lot of nutrient manufacturers offer systems that are supposed to use their nutrients very efficiently, but do they?

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She unloaded the misshapen coat rack from her auction finds. “Hmm, she thought, what to do?” This one would be a challenge, for sure. She was just beginning her new business. She studied the old wooden coat rack and remembered that towel trees had become the latest ‘rage’. Why not she thought! She refinished it carefully, removing the wooden hooks and adding beautiful new metal ones. It was beautiful! She stepped back and looked around; she had an old file cabinet with no new ideas for it. She refinished it to match the new ‘towel tree,’ repurposing it into a bath cabinet with hardware that matched the new hooks on the towel tree. It was perfect!

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