How to Make a PAINT BOOTH (Easy Set up)

How to Make a PAINT BOOTH video

In this video, I am setup up a large DIY paint booth in my shop. With this setup, I can have the paint both up in a matter of minutes. Saving me time and making it enjoyable to spray in my current workshop.
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– Drill-
– Miter saw
– Drill Guide

Track Parts
– Tracks
– 90 Curve
– Ceiling track Accessories

– (2) Large White Tarp
– 2 by 3 by 8ft lumber
– 1- 1/2 Lag Screws

Other Rockler products
– HVLP Sprayer
– Sure-hooks 360
– Universal sure hooks
– 1 Gallon Paint Mixing mate
– 1 Quart Paint Mixing mate

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