How to Take Out a Hoist and Dock

Learn How to Take Out a Hoist and Dock in today’s video.

Here’s a time lapse video i made while we were taking out the boat hoist and dock from the lake. We had a lot of help, which made it easier to get it over the sea wall. Everything took less than an hour.

Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle – Reclaiming Space in Your Home in Unexpected Ways

It’s happened to all of us. You come home every day to the same old house and you probably do the same things when you get there. Perhaps you take off your shoes, put down your keys and or purse in the entry way and read the mail. Then you pour yourself a nice cold glass of your favorite beverage and suddenly it strikes you… There’s stuff all over your stairs, you don’t have enough space to store (or even hide) everything – and all of the ideas you have to solve this problem are either too much work or too. BORING!! Today’s article was written to inspire you to think outside the box and maybe even find some uses for things that have been taking up space in the garage for years. Here are some unexpected and fun ways to reclaim space in your home.

Join the Great American Pastime – Creating a Front Porch Affordably

If you already have a front porch you’re aware of the advantages. It’s the place where strangers can comfortably wait, where teens can cuddle with their dates safely and the place where you join friends with something to drink as you enjoy your neighborhood’s charm. The best romantic novels always feature the porch for the first kiss or the final slamming of the door on relationships! No wonder we love our porches!

Controlling Static Electricity In Your Carpet

Controlling static electricity in your carpet can be a challenge. There are many factors that can contribute to this problem. While typically a mild issue, it can still be a nuisance. Here’s a look at what you can do to reduce the static electricity in your carpet.

Stainless Steel Railing

The basics for a stainless steel railing system are posts (either square or round), top rail, and infill. Common infill options are stainless steel cable, variations of glass, or stainless steel bars. Other necessities include base covers for the posts, post mounted hand rail brackets for mounting top rails, and end caps or wall returns for the top rails.

Exterior Pest Prevention Tips and Tricks

It’s safe to say that, when it comes to pest control, prevention is key. During the summer months, we spend a lot of time in the great outdoors. Preventing an invasion from unwanted exterior pests can be accomplished however, by following these simple tips and tricks.

Watch this video to learn Assembling a Boat Hoist and Dock.

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