In Car Camera mount – How to make

Quick and easy in car camera mount mad from steel pipe.
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Is Your Upholstery Really As Clean As You Think

Most people underestimate how dirty their upholstered furniture really is. With this quick ‘eye test’ you will be able to determine how dirty and dusty your upholstery actually is.

Setting Up The Rug Doctor To Clean Your Carpets

This article shows the simple steps that are needed in order to get your Rug Doctor carpet cleaning machine ready to work. Many people make the mistake of improper setups, and this leads to lackluster results. Learn how to set the Rug Doctor up properly.

The Carpet Cleaning Miracle Method

The Carpet Cleaning Miracle Method will amaze you with how easily you can remove even the toughest of stains from your carpet in no time flat! Say goodby to over-priced commercial cleaners forever.

Mortar Analysis and Matching/Analyzing Mortar Samples

The analysis of samples of old mortar provides many useful details about the composition formula of cement mortars that are needed for matching new mortar to the old mortar between the bricks or stone. Learn the general procedures for getting samples of mortar tested and analyzed, and the importance of mortar analysis for matching mortar for masonry repair and historic restoration.

5 Cool Ways to Repurpose Old Home Furniture

So you’ve just recently upgraded your home. What do you plan to do with all your old furniture? Sell it? Give it away? Why not do something entirely new! Just because those old office desks and sofas look like beat up furniture now doesn’t mean they have to stay that way. DIY fanatics all over the globe have made repurposed old furniture into an art form, and so can you with a bit of effort. You’ve upgraded your house, now here are some great ways to reuse all that furniture!

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