Install Chimney Cap

Metal Chimney Flue Cap ……………………
Brushable Chimney Crown Repair ………
Masonry Chimney Water Repellent …….

Climbing Harness ………………………………
Climbing Rope …………………………………..

The chimney at our house was in bad shape. We had birds getting in through the flue, the crown was cracked into pieces, and the bricks were breaking off.

All Parts:

This video is PART 1:
The first thing i did was install 2 metal caps to prevent any animals from getting inside the chimney. This wasn’t too hard, just 4 screws to attach it to the clay chimney.

In PART 2:
The second thing was to fix the chimney crown. I used a brushable masonry cement. It worked great. Easy to apply with a brush and will hopefully be flexible enough to not crack during the winter months. I used 90% of the 1 gallon bucket to apply 2 coats on a 3’x5′ area. I just brushed it on and really forced it into the cracks and any joints.

In PART 3:
The third thing was to waterproof everything. Hopefully preventing any more water from getting behind the bricks and cause any more damage. I used a sprayer to wet down everything i could reach up near the top of the chimney. I covered the crown and all of the bricks. Really focusing on areas where bricks were broken or where i could see water being able to get in.

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