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EnviroLite 2 ft. x 4 ft. LED fluorescent light in the Garage

So the story behind these large lights is that I wanted to make sure whatever light I invested in would light the place. These lights did just that. I was nervous of not finding the right lights, heck it’s hard to buy anything off the internet and know what you’re getting. These lights are special order so I was not able to run to the store and grab them for a test drive. I had to take a chance and it paid off. Enough to make me happy; hopefully me posting this video will help you in your search for better lighting in your garage. See below for all the details

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For this project I used
2 ft. x 4 ft. LED Grid Ceiling Troffer (maid for commercial application but we can bend the rules a bit right?)

Model: EVTR2X4BL40 at the time of purchase I paid $60.00
Sold at home depot it’s a special order

Additional Details
– 4000 Kelvin
– Led Bulbs
– Color temperature is Bright White
– 50,000 hour life
– Noise free

I used Pine wood with no knots.

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