Intex Pool Setup – 18′ x 42″ Full pictures and instructions of my 2 years of setting up our used Intex 42″ deep x 18′ diameter bubble pool. It wasn’t easy hooking up all the filter tubes and keeping the ring inflated.

Estimating Your DIY Project

Do-It-Yourself projects are very rewarding, with many challenges and the ability to save money by doing your own labor. Estimating costs are very important as you will want to know what your finished project will cost before you start the project. You don’t want to get part way into your project and not be able to finish it due to funds running out. Some projects can be split into phases allowing you to start the project and work to a point you can stop and enjoy before going on to the next phase. Use these tips to help with your DIY project estimating.

Understanding Blown Fiberglass Insulation Installation

Installing high quality insulation can save you money on your monthly utility costs. If you live in a particularly cold area, insulation will help keep the heat inside your home during the winter months. And for people living in hot climates, like Phoenix, insulation helps to keep the cool air from escaping your home in the summer. Blown in fiberglass insulation is one of the top choices for homeowners these days. This kind of insulation not only uses recycled materials, but is also fire resistant. Adding quality fiberglass insulation is a low cost solution that can help you save money on energy bills for years to come.

The Skills Every Handyman Should Possess

To be an effective handyman, you need to possess certain skills. Now you could write a long list of skills, but some are absolutely invaluable…

What Is an Owner Builder?

You may have heard the term owner builder and pictured a guy out in the woods swinging a hammer. Being an owner builder involves much more than the physical part of building. It really involves taking on the general contractor role for your projects to save money and get complete control.

DIY Grouting Tips

You have set all your tiles making sure the grout lines are even and straight, and if they were floor tiles your knees are sore and you are glad to have all tile laid. It is now time to let the tile job set overnight or 24 hours if you can, before finishing the job by grouting. Grouting is the finishing process of your tile job and is very rewarding. With these simple tips your grouting will go easier and avoid some common problems.

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