Journey of a Master Craftsman: In the Shop with Alf Sharp Part 1

I had the opportunity to spend a day with woodworking master craftsman, Alf Sharp, and to hear his story and journey to becoming a woodworker making fine furniture. In this three part series we’ll talk about Alf’s history, his views and knowledge on woodworking skills, and the ongoing maker movement.

His journey started with a short stint in Law School and wound its way through work in the skilled trades and owning a large manufacturing business before finally finding his true passion in building high end furniture.

Alf has been building woodworking projects for the last 30 years and has concentrated on museum-quality, one-of-a-kind furniture, primarily in the 18th century American style. He is a master of high and low relief carving, inlay, marquetry, and French polishing. If you want to see more of Alf’s work you can find it here:

Produced, filmed and edited by Brad Rodriguez

In partnership with Powermatic.

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